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    The Best Episode

    October 2, 2015 by Sneezpey2655
    1. Up With the Chucks
    2. Breaking Badge
    3. The Wind Beneath My Wig
    4. Fly Shui
    5. Chocolate Dipped Chucks
    6. Beach Blanket Bozos
    7. Quills Unleashed
    8. Evacuation Situation
    9. Cast Blast
    10. New Improved Chucks
    11. Chucks Ahoy
    12. Huh Brother Where Art Thou?
    13. The Moment of Tooth
    14. Far Encounters of the Dumb Kind
    15. Mop of Majesty
    16. Bubble Bubble Witchy Trouble
    17. A Buford Carol

    1. Age of Ignorance
    2. The Ballad of Flappy Joe
    3. Good Quill Hunting
    4. Quills and Present Danger
    5. RoboChuck
    6. Tough Love
    7. Iceman Dumbeth
    8. Back to the Kung Future
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