Buford is antropomorphic lazy crybaby sheep.

Buford Butternut, a lazy crybaby Sheep who lived with his grandmother Jealous, lazy and irritable. Buford lives in a house with his Grandmother and contributes nothing (he'd rather sit on the couch and play video games.) Since Buford's Grandma loves the Numb Chucks and makes Buford look bad, Buford has made it his goal to get rid of the Numb Chucks and get senpai to notice him. (but sometimes act like a baby).

Buford Butternut
Vital statistics
Position playing video game
Age 20 (now)

14 (6 years ago) 40 (future)

Status Villian
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown



Other Names


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  • Buford is also the most tortured character of the show.
  • He only like Quills.
  • As shown in Beach Blanket Bozos,Buford have parents from the sea,meaning he don't have any relationship with Grandma.
  • As shown in Adventures in Bufordsitting,he is allergic to biozeberry.


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Supporting Characters:Quills,Hooves,Buford Butternut,Grandma Butternut,Woodchuck Morris

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