This is a list of episodes from the YTV animated series Numb Chucks. The series first premiered on January 7, 2014 on YTV in Canada. It has been acquired by Cartoon Network in the United States and was planned to air on the channel but ended up airing on Boomerang.

On June 9, 2014, the series was renewed for a second season, which began airing on March 17, 2015.

Season One (2014)

  1. Chuck Be a Lady / Couch Potato
  2. Granny's Gone Wild / Mummies' Dummies
  3. Jar of Power / Legend of Snacky Chan
  4. Up With the Chucks / Attack of Hammerfist Man
  5. Adventures in Bufordsitting / Enter the Sheep
  6. A Toast to Love /Dr.Sinister (episode)
  7. Driving Mr.Buford / Who Put the Ding in Ding-a-Ling Springs?
  8. D.E.R.P / Intelligence Not Included
  9. Smell the Knowledge / Les Fancy Chucks
  10. Breaking Badge / The Wind Beneath My Wig
  11. The Butt-Kick List / Hunk O Chuck
  12. Swimming Fools / Fly Shui
  13. Chocolate Dipped Chucks / Beach Blanket Bozos
  14. Chucky See Chucky Doo / Heartsy Fartsy
  15. Old's Well That Ends Well / Quills Unleashed
  16. Evaluation Situation / Just Chucklax
  17. Recipe For Destruction / Sock & Awe
  18. Cast Blast / Sleeping Hoovesy
  19. New Improved Chucks / Moosetaken Identity
  20. Hug-O-War / Fan Boy
  21. Chucks Ahoy / Camp Chipper Chuck
  22. Huh Brother Where Art Thou? / The Moment of Tooth
  23. Tour Evil Doer / Kung Fear
  24. Big Foot Fungus / Far Encounters of the Dumb Kind
  25. Mop of Majesty / Bubble Bubble Witchy Trouble
  26. Deck the Hooves / A Buford Carol

Season Two (2015)

  1. Age of Ignorance / Orange Is the New Blackbelt
  2. The Ballad of Flappy Joe / Chacky Charms
  3. As the Worm Turns / Beaver Fever
  4. The Birds and the Trees / Good Quill Hunting
  5. From Dusk Till Dawn / Quills and Present Danger
  6. Germs of Endearment / RoboChuck
  7. Woodchuck Boris / Sheepover Party
  8. Slumchuck Millionaire / End of the Vine
  9. Up Chuck / You Snooze You Bruise
  10. Tough Love / Iceman Dumbeth
  11. The Chuck Stops Here / Flock of Steven Seagulls
  12. Back to the Kung Future / Witless to the Prosecution
  13.  The Place Beyond the Porcupines / What About Winky?
  14. Are You Smarter Than a Woodchuck? / Numbsicles

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