Fungus is antropomorphic happy chuck.

Fungus Chuck
Fungus 1
Vital statistics
Position Hero
Age 12
Status Good
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Emotional, unfocused and overzealous, Fungus is a happy-go-lucky type of guy. To Fungus, kung fu is KUNG-FUN! Fungus secretly wants to be as awesome as his older brother, Dilweed who he looks up to. Fungus is very emotional and is prone to clumsiness and fears balloons, especially the static-y variety.

In the season 2 premiere Age of Ignorance his full name is revealed to be Fungus Chuck.



Other Names


Fungus Chuck/Relationships

Voice Actors


  • As shown in Age of Ignorance, he is allergic to jelly.
  • He is dumber than Dilweed.
  • Fungus is childish.


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