Hooves is antropomorphic moose neighbour of the chucks.

Rupert Vanderhooves III
Vital statistics
Position Cleaning his house
Age 49 (now)
Status Good
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

High strung and delicate, Rupert Vanderhooves III is nervous. And who wouldn't be living next door to the Numb Chucks? Hooves went to High School with Woodchuck Morris which makes the Numb Chucks LOVE him to Hooves' dismay. Hooves enjoys gardening but doesn't enjoy the Chucks or Grandma Butternut invading his personal space.



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  • He first appear in first episode of Numb Chucks.
  • He is a moose.
  • In Moosetaken Identity, there is one more moose named Randall.
  • He's full name is Sir Rupert Vanderhooves.


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Supporting Characters:Quills,Hooves,Buford Butternut,Grandma Butternut,Woodchuck Morris

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